We, Ole and Randi, are a married couple at age 50+. We live on a small farm about 4 mil (64 miles) south of Oslo. Here we live together with our daughter and her family, plus my "old mother", that is four generations on one farm. We got engaged in newfoundland dogs when our youngest daughter bought her dog Fjørre, a cozy fellow from Bergen. She spent her money from her "confirmation" and bought this dog; but as many other younger at that age, she were always short on time and the dog became more and more our boy. It turned out that he was a handsome fellow; he gained a lot of prices at exhibitions thus our interest started to grow. Since then, there has been ten newfoundland dogs where four of them have gained the title as both Swedish and Norwegian champion.

We keep our focus to let the dogs live as natural as a dog can live when possible; although the lack of individual treatment occurs occasionally. We spend all our time caring about the dogs and have them in vicinity as much as possible, but when you got that many dogs you are quite limited to the amount of time spent on each one of them. We have a fence around the house and garden, about half an acre, so they have plenty of space at their disposal.

This hobby have given us several fine experiences both when socializing with other people and all the nice trips when crisscrossing the country during dogs exhibitions. We have not breeded many litter yet, but we focus on creating self confident dogs and preparing their future journey into the world.  We believe this is achieved by letting them socialize with the pack and learn behaviour from the others. At the same time our grandchildren are eager to play with them. All thogether, this is part of socializing the puppies. We believe we all have to do what we believe is right, so this is "our way". This was a short introduction about us at Bikkjehaugen, stating that we are a completly normal "dog's people", not quite talking about anything but dogs and related themes.