Bikkjehaugen’s Lord Of The Ring of Myiake
Int nordic N S Fin uch. nordic w.2007
"Lord Of The Ring"
b. 27.04.2004

This is a very promising male. He became BIR on five puppy-shows and BIM once. We are very excited to see him continue in the junior-class.
And again a great thanks to Bela and his fabulous "Ronnie" for making this happening. 
This is the brother of "LongTrip". He is rtg. and has HD status A, elbowes A and RECC brown. Free of cystinuria.


Goldcup 2009
Fotograf: Sølvi Nordtvedt

Goldcup 2009
Fotograf: Sølvi Nordtvedt

August 23. 2008, Valkeakoski, Finland. Nemi BOS, Lorden BOB

August 23. 2008, Valkeakoski, Finland. Lorden BIG


June 21. 2008, Nes, Lord BIG and Pretty BOS


June 21. 2008, Nes, BOB


May 25. 2008, Haugesund, BIS


May 3. 2008
Bikkjehaugen's Lord of the ring became BIS at nnk special at Kristiansand


February 23. 2008 Bø, BOB, BIG and 3. BIS


January 12. 2008, Sweden, Nykøpning BOS


January 5. 2008 Sweden, Gøteborg. SNK Special, BOB and Best in show


December 16. 2007 Sweden Stockholm, BOS
Nordic winner 2007


December 16. 2007 Sweden Stocholm


November 17. 2007. Finland


October 7. 2007, Sunnsvall, BIR


October 6. 2007, Sunnsvall, BOB


Mars 24. 2007, NNK Bergen, BOB


Sunday February 25. 2007. Bø, BOS and BIG


Saturday of january 2007, Nyköping special: The Lord became BIS.

"The Lord" became Swedish and Scandinavian champion in Helsingborg. 
Judge: Siklósi Béla

"The Lord" became BIR on the "special" in trondheim, Norway.
Judge: Kerstin Einarson

"The Lord" july 2006

"The Lord" became nuch champion in May 2006!

"The Lord" at Væsterås January 14. 2006.

"The Lord" at Væsterås January 14. 2006.