The heartbreaker Blenda Sensitivcolour
b. 27.10.2001

One morning a week after newyear, we were about to have visitors from the owners of the Kennel Hjerteknuseren (heartbreaker). They were bringing puppies from a litter where our  Amandus was the father. I had conversations with the breeder during the first weeks of the puppies lives. I realized that he was reasonable satisfied with the offspring. By coincident another breeder, Inger Munkvold,  dropped by this day, so the lack of interest in dogs was not absent.

I'm not quite sure about my expectations, but what I saw turned out to exceed everything. During a few minutes, Inger and I established an eye-contact and decided to buy the one female together. We have not regretted this decision for a second because she is absolutely gorgeous!
And as Inger keeps saying (this is a Norwegian "saying"): She is not born behind a door and dried beneath the oven! Blenda is a stylish and independent  girl, but she tends to like sitting on the lap and enjoy our affection. She's aslo a working-girl; at Inger's place, she is doing some plumber's work with the gully on the bathroom. This is one moment when you can enjoy looking at a proud and cocky girl with the tail straight out!

Kennel Hjerteknusern