Bikkjehaugen’s Kompis
N S Fin nordic uch.
b. 19.02.04

This is a great fellow from Blenda's first litter.

He is a calm and steady dog in which we all enjoy. It looks like he will become much like his grandfather Amandus. We just have to wait and see how he evolves. He's HD free (A) and AD (C).

January 20. 2008, Sandefjord, BOS


January 20. 2008, Sandefjord

World exhibition , Stockholm july 3. 2008. Kompis and Nemesis,
World winners in the par group.

30. August 2009: Elverum. BOB.

August 29. 2009: Newfoundlandshundens dager. BIR.

4 years! 19.02.08











Kompis 12 months

Kompis 12 months

Kompis 12 months